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Aimed at algorithmic problem solving and not merely rote learning of Java syntax.

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Curriculum is designed to make you a solid Programmer

  • What is programming?
  • Flowcharts
  • Why Java ?
  • Differences between JDK/JRE/JVM
  • Platform independence
  • JVM Architecture, JVM memory management, Stack & Heap usage
  • Install Java, set ‘path’ and ‘classpath’
  • Install and Setup IDE
  • Introduction to Java ‘class’
  • “Hello World” class
  • Class members: structure of property/methods definitions
  • Intro to Object/Instance; ‘this’ keyword and ‘new’ keyword;
  • what happens in stack + heap on instance creation
  • Reserved keywords
  • Primitive data types;  how value range is arrived at for each (binary/decimal intro)
  • Wrapper classes – auto boxing/unboxing
  • Literals
  • Type and type-casting
  • main() method
  • Constructors
  • Arithmetic operators;  assignment: calculator class
  • Explain access modifiers, package (private/public/protected/’friendly’)
  • Logical operators
  • Relational operators
  • Operators’ associativity and precedence
  • Method parameters - pass by value/reference
  • Condition checking:
    • If-else
    • Ternary
    • switch-case-default
  • Loops:
    • for: different variations
    • while
    • do-while
    • ‘break , continue’ keywords
  • Data encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • ‘super’, ‘final’ keywords
  • Polymorphism - Runtime type identification & dynamic binding
  • Method overriding, and overloading
  • ‘static’ members: property, method, block 
  • Intro to ‘interface’, and implementation
  • ‘abstract’ keyword: class, method 
  • Variable scope & visibility [static (class), non-static (instance), method, block level]
  • Scanner class and its important methods
  • String class and its important methods
  • Math class and its important methods
  • StringBuilder, StringTokenizer classes & important methods
  • Java.util.Date & Calendar : creation, methods, day/time difference, formators etc
  • Arrays : 1-D arrays, 2-D arrays, array operations
  • List & ArrayList; intro to LinkedList
  • Intro to HashMap
  • Collections class
  • Iterators
  • Comparator & Comparable
  • What is ‘Exception’ ?
  • Error v/s Exception
  • Checked/unchecked exceptions
  • ‘throw’, ‘throws’ keywords
  • Try-catch-finally block
  • Text file handling: create txt file, read/write texts
  • List of files/sub-folders of a folder, File n Folder info
  • Intro to text Reader/Writer streams
  • Stack, Queue: implement w/ your own interface and multiple implementing classes
    Conversions b/w Infix, Prefix, Postfix notations
  • Sorting techniques (bubble, selection, insertion)
  • Recursion: Concept of recursion, simple recursive methods (i.e. factorial, GCD, binary search, conversion of representations of numbers between different bases, tower of Hanoi)
  • Singly linked list: implement with methods like insertion, deletion, reversal, extracting an element or a sublist, checking emptiness.
  • Binary Tree: concepts of root, internal nodes, external nodes (leaves), height (tree, node), depth (tree, node), level, size, degree, siblings, sub tree, completeness, balancing, traversals (pre, post and in-order)

Project submissions & Assessments

Course Schedule

Batches starts from
10th Dec 2022

Course Duration – 3 months

No. of Classes – 24 classes

Class Duration – 2 hrs each

Days – Every Saturday and Sunday